Our own story begins on 4, Ivis Str., a charming street in Athens city center, within the quirky neighborhood of Psyrri that constitutes a constant source of inspiration for us.


The interior design of Ivis4 draws inspiration from the urban vibe of its neighborhood. Our space is both an extension and a refuge from the vibrant surrounding area that welcomes visitors at any hour of the day, offering a serene relaxation space, with a quiet garden awaiting in the back. SimpleG, a renowned local street artist, is the creative mind behind the captivating mural that decorates our cozy interior, seamlessly blending the serenity of our hidden garden with the dynamic street art culture of Psyrri. Upon entering our restaurant, you’ll find yourself fascinated by the art on the walls and the carefully selected antique items selected from nearby shops, creating an atmosphere that feels at once cozy and unexpected.