Inspired by the Mediterranean

We wanted our culinary narratives to hit home. That’s why we chose to draw from the delights of the Mediterranean coastline and offer our unique perspectives on time-honored traditions. At Ivis4, you’ll savor unique twists on signature Mediterranean flavors, with every dish prepared using fresh and local ingredients.

Delightful fusions with other Mediterranean influences, such as the Italian Mushroom Arancini, fresh Spaghetti alla chitarra with shrimp and spicy spianata, or even the Portuguese-style Picanha complete the narrative. Make sure you also give our delectable snacking options a try, including uniquely textured salads, fresh sandwiches and our well-loved Pinsa – a healthy pizza alternative crafted with handmade dough.

Think classic Greek recipes, like Moussaka, reinvented, alongside other Greek-inspired dish variations. From simple French fries paired with a game-changing feta cheese spread, to elegant appetizers like Ceviche with Greek Ariani, a dairy product that brings out all the flavors of the fresh Greek seabass.

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Surf, Turf, Sip

Our menu, featuring a variety of options for seafood, meat and veggies, is a culinary journey to be enjoyed every hour of the day. Whether you're in the mood for an elegant fish entrée, a fresh pasta dish, or a crisp salad brimming with Mediterranean flavors, we have something to fulfill your every craving. Enhance your experience at the Ivis4 bar with our signature cocktails, thoughtfully crafted to complement your meal and elevate your gastronomic adventure.


Bite-sized tales

Telling a complete story in a nutshell is an art – and we are the masters of it. Each of our snacks, a delicious tale in its own right, is living proof. Take your pick from our lineup of light salads, subs and hearty burgers and don't miss our handmade Pinsa – a healthier, lighter spin on pizza that embodies the bold flavors of the Mediterranean.


Sweet Endings

Every story deserves a sweet ending. Our dessert list ensures you get yours. Indulge in the rich, oriental sweetness of the Greek tradition with a syrupy filo dessert reimagined or explore delicately light and refreshing temptations bursting with the zesty, citrusy and herbal flavors of the Mediterranean coastline – orange, mandarin, basil.

Taste the Stories